Stated TO BOTH AMERICA AND THE WORLD – DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? IF We DON’T DIE TONIGHT THEY WILL TRY TOMORROW NIGHT, ETC., ETC., ETC. UNTIL IT’S OVER. We are GOING TO HAVE A HIT ATTEMPT ***EVERY SINGLE DAY*** FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER WEEK, OR ANOTHER MONTH, OR ANOTHER FEW MONTHS, ETC. THE ONLY WAY MYSELF, MARK JAQUITH, OR My TwoLesbian<<420Sub WordPress Website Development Specialists Are Going To Have A Chance At Survival Is To Live In A Protected Fashion of Some Sort That Is Gratuitouly Funded <<>>ASAP<<<Cash Is OK<and May Be Wise<>>Without<<>>Help<<>>We4 My<<Team Will Soon Be Dead<< (January 2, 2013)

Historically All Revolutionaries are under the Threat of Death, and many of them die. My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team of WordPress Website Developers Represent “the Most Powerful Internet Revolutionary in existence” both in America and Worldwide. Certainly the Powers That Be are going to attack us. Indeed, they already are. Two of our Team Members, a lesbian hippie couple in San Francisco, are being repeatedly exposed to poison gas. They might not make it through tomorrow, and they might not last another week. Allen Darman

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