Economic Collapse And A Collapse Of The Value Of The Dollar Are Coming Soon; A PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN FREEDOM (2-21-2013)

Active Title Link: Economic Collapse And A Collapse Of The Value Of The Dollar Are Coming Soon; A PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN FREEDOM (2-21-2013)


Economic collapse and a collapse in the value of the dollar are both coming soon as a result of A PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN FREEDOM and mathematical certainty.

Every single adult America should Google Search and YouTube Search both “economic collapse” and “dollar collapse” without the quote marks and spend many hours (if not a number of days) reviewing the Search Results.

President Obama put on a hell of a Show “Full of Lies And Lies of Omission” during his State Of The Union Address. (Obama knew that he was often just acting to fool the American Public, and that he did not mean much of what he said. He had to know he was lying, as per the material below.)

Our Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators all helped Obama to fool the American Public with their clapping, cheering, smiles and backslapping. (“Washington DC became Hollywood that night.” Brainwashing of the American Public was the purpose of SOTU Address. Much Truth Was Omitted, and Very Little Truth Was Said.)

During the SOTU Address OBAMA IGNORED both the looming economic collapse and the looming collapse of the dollar, despite the Fact that HE IS FULLY AWARE of these things.

His awareness is apparent by the fact that our Federal Government UNDER HIS DIRECTION has been “gearing up heavily of late” for Martial Law.

Evidence of the Federal Government gearing up for Martial Law lately are the facts that

(1) it has recently purchased OVER TWO BILLION BULLETS FOR DOMESTIC USE, over six for every man woman and child,

(2) they have recently hired a lot of people under various Federal agencies and with various labels to man the guns that can shoot these bullets (the Feds RECENTLY STARTED AN ARMED FEMA Corps, in addition to the TSA, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the ATF, the Border Patrol, the National Guard, the Army Reserve, the Army, the Marines, the Navy, and the Coast Guard).

(3) the Feds have recently forged working alliances with the police in preparation for martial law, to include arming them more heavily and giving them much military equipment,

(4) there have been preparations made to use U.S. Military, United Nations, and NATO troops in U.S. cities and on U.S. soil, and preparedness exercises are being planned and carried out.

Obama is aware of all of the above, as HE AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS DIRECTING AND OVERSEEING IT.

Martial Law will Inevitably Be Enacted when economic collapse and a collapse of the value dollar occurs.

This is because these economic events a precipitate rapid loss of purchasing power such that a dollar will only be able to buy a half, a quarter, a tenth, or even less than a tenth of what it could a short time before.

A rapid loss of purchasing power will cause a run on the banks as everyone tries to get their money out at once so as to be able to spend it before it becomes worthless.

At the same time as a run on the banks occurs, there will be a rapid emptying of grocery store shelves, fuel shortages, other widespread shortages of all sorts, hunger, civil unrest (rioting), and a great deal of crime involving force and the use of a gun will ALL occur.

The only answer to all of the above is Martial Law, of course!

Let us go back for a moment and take a look at what caused all this.

No Federal Government can spend more than a trillion dollars a year more than it takes in and simply borrow more “printed money” to make up the shortfall without there being economic disaster as an end result.

The above is exactly what is happening in America since Obama was first elected, and it is clear to all that our politicians cannot fix this.

President Obama’s main agendas in his State Of The Union Address were (1) to pretend that everything was OK in America, and on track to get better, (2) to propose a smokescreen of numerous Federal programs to improve some things, and (3) to emphasize his Main Point, which was that “America Needs To Be Disarmed Of Weapons That May Be Useful Against Its Criminal Federal Government”, and to heck with the Second Amendment.

President Obama should win an Oscar for lying so effectively to the American public during his State Of The Union Address.

Obama knows full well that the economy in America is not going to hold up for four more years. He knows that Martial Law is going to come to America during his tenure as President, and very possibly come this year.

However, Mr. Obama has been assigned the task of keeping the American Public in the dark in regard to the Collapse of the Dollar that is coming soon, and the Inevitable Martial Law that follows. That is exactly what he is doing (keeping the American public in the dark by lying by omission).

This Author expects that economic collapse and a collapse in the value of the dollar to happen some time in 2013. (Some economists say that economic collapse in America could happen as early as this April as a result of dismal tax revenue this year.)

When economic collapse in America happens, what are President Obama, our politicians, and main stream media all going to try to say?

Are they going to try to say things like “It’s not our fault” or “We did not see this coming” or “We should have warned you to arm yourselves against bandits and to store months worth of food in advance”?

No, they are going to say “It Is Time For You To Hand In All Of Your Guns, and It Is Time For Martial Law!”

“Oh, by the way… We Just Happen To Have a FEMA Train with shackles, a FEMA Camp with barb wire to hold you in, and a FEMA Coffin that fits a half a dozen bodies All Waiting For YOU!”

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Important Note: Allen Darman finds it very interesting that in writing this WordPress Blog on a Smart Phone he was not hacker blocked and prevented from Publishing it on his Smart Phone UNTIL HE PUT IN THE LAST PHASE OF “A PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN FREEDOM” in the First Paragraph (and then amended the Blog Title to reflect such). Such is STRONGLY SUGGESTIVE THAT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS OCCURRING…. >>>A PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICAN FREEDOM<<<

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