Allen D Wishes To Deeply Thank Matt Mullenweg Of Automattic Just In Case

Allen D Wishes To Deeply Thank Matt Mullenweg Of Automattic


I have never spoken to, emailed, or contacted Matt Mullenweg in any direct way, other than perhaps sending him an unanswered Tweet once.

Matt is the CEO of Automattic, the corporation underlying WordPress.

Indeed, I even owe Matt an apology for misspelling his last name more than once.

However, I think that I may owe Matt much more than an apology for misspelling his name.

It is entirely possible to me that Executive Decisions that Matt Mullenweg may have made in the past year or two quite literally have saved my life.

Or perhaps these Executive Decisions that Matt may have made at least mean that “If I die at the hands of the Mafia or the U.S. Government, I will not die without America and the World ultimately benefiting greatly from my death”.

I admittedly have no proof of the suspicions contained in the above two paragraphs whatsoever.

I actually have a great deal of evidence to the contrary, for I have traveled across the country to San Francisco by train twice, and no one opted to “pick me up”. (The Automattic corporation is located in San Francisco.)

Furthermore, I drove once to San Francisco, and made it right to Automattic’s front door.  It was locked, despite people working on a Monday during normal business hours there.

As a result of the above evidence, evidence that suggests that >Neither< Matt Mullenweg or the Upper Management of Automattic are Aware of Me, there would seem to be little point in my writing a Thank You Blog to Matt Mullenweg.

Sometimes deductive evidence and logic leads one to the wrong conclusion (or conclusions).

I suspect that this may be the case here.

I suspect that I Owe Matt Mullenweg both the value of my work, and my very life.

And if this is the case—>

Thank YOU Matt Mullenweg!!!

Allen D


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