What Does The Fact That The Mafia Will Not Talk To Allen D Mean?

What Does The Fact That The Mafia Will Not Talk To Allen D Mean?


According to Allen D—>“I had hoped the Mafia would pick me up yesterday. When they did not, a lot of questions come to mind.”

The first two questions are (1) “Are things right where they have been for the past 46 months or so, since the Mafia first tried to kill me?” and (2) “Does the Mafia still want me dead?”

The Mafia being a No Show the other day suggests to me that “It does not go along with my plans to partner with Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement in order to topple our corrupt Federal Government”.

I guess I am going to have to rethink things.

For America to have any decent future at all, our federal government has to go, with or without the participation of the American Mafia.

The American Mafia has “inside knowledge” which can topple the federal government practically overnight, if Silicon Valley got ahold of it.

Without having a conversation with the Mafia, I have no solid idea of its motives and intentions. I can “only guess”.

My guess is “The Mafia is going to wait things out for a bit”, because “It does not want to choose the losing side” in regard to the Patriot Movement and Silicon Valley against the Feds.

I admit to all that the above “is only a guess”.

All that I know for certain is “The American Mafia does not want to talk to me at this time”.  

I also know that “the American Mafia may still want to kill me and members of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team”.  (Such is not certain of course, but our past history is strongly suggestive of this.)

The fact that the Mafia will not talk to me means a few things.

It means that I have to revise many of the blogs I wrote to address this.

It means that “if there is going to be an Internet Woodstock, at this point we have to assume that the American Mafia will not participate in and/or “help us” with this.

It also means that in the Complex War Blog, I have to assume that the American Mafia is Going to Stay Allied with “the Other Suppressors of Truth” (the U.S Government, the Immoral Corporations, and the Illuminati/Agenda 21 folks that represent Power Structure Number Four—> rather than Side With the People and the Truth.  

Perhaps the Mafia will “Switch Sides” at some point, but it appears that now is not the time for this.

For Their Sake, hopefully the American Mafia does not wait until it is too late, for it is my firm belief that the People in the United States and the Truth are going to win the war that we are in. Too Many Smart and Moral People Have Become Aware of the Suppression of Truth in Silicon Valley, in America, and Worldwide—> These Smart and Moral People Will Fight Forever For the Truth To Be Set Free.

Allen D and Mark J

With Deeply Appreciated Help From GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress and Heroic Help from—> 

Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 





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